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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Stitch Fix #2 Review

Last Friday I received my second Stitch Fix box.  I was super excited to see what my stylist had sent me.  My notes to her for this fix were a) I am still nursing so tops must be nursing friendly b) still trying to hide my tummy since mommying 3 kiddos leaves little time for the gym and c) Spring is just around the corner, so I would like pieces that transition well from the end of Winter to Spring.

Upon opening the box and pulling out each item I became really disappointed.  Straight out of the box I knew right away I wasn't a fan of 3 out of the 5 pieces.  But what do I know about style...oh yes, nothing!  Here is what I got.

Item #1 - Liverpool Mira Skinny Jean  
               These jeans are the ones I received from my first box that were WAY too long for my short self.  When I returned them I noted that if they were available in a petite version I would be interested in trying them.  Guess what?  They do come in petites and yay, they fit me perfectly!  Score 1 for Stitch Fix!  I love everything about these jeans.  Their stretchability (not sure that is a word) but they are stretchy and comfy, yet still stylish.

Item #2 - Skies are Blue Pisca Loose Perplum Top
                Hated this top!  The color wasn't my favorite.  The way it was loose on my arms, tight at my bust, and then loose and tight again at my belly and then loose again.  Yuck.  Perplum is just not for me.  It does look lovely on others and this top probably would be a great addition to their wardrobe.  But for me, this was a NO.

Item #3 - Le Lis Columbus Pullover Knit Top
                This top was just eh for me.  It was comfortable.  But I didn't feel it had much style with it.  The shoulders and back were lace.  I couldn't decide if I liked that or hated that since there is no way to hide your bra straps.  I am sure this top would look great with some great long necklaces.  But necklaces are currently not in my wardrobe due to Allie's 7 month old grabby hands.  Overall, I just didn't think this top was special in any sort of way to pay $38 for it. 

Item #4 - Pixley Olley Knit Dress
               Apparently my stylists with Stitch Fix think that as a stay at home mom I go out on lots of dates.  My note from my stylist last month included tips on dressing items up for "date night".  And my note from this month's stylist said she was including a fun dress for me for "date night".  So this dress was just different.  I didn't hate it but I certainly didn't like it.  Perhaps if I had a summer tan it would look better on me.  It is difficult to see in the picture but somehow this dress drew attention to my not so skinny post baby belly.  (My stylist must have forgot I wasn't wanting to draw attention to that right now.)  Adam kind of liked it.  But since it isn't nursing friendly and I don't typically wear dresses for my day job - it would most likely sit on the hanger in my closet.  So I sent it back.

Item #5 - Kut From The Kloth Siena Cropped Pant
                Okay WOW, these pants are my favorite!  They are a bright coral color, amazingly soft and comfortable.  They are cropped and hit me just above the ankle.  I actually love the bright color of them and how they can be dressed up or down depending on what look I am going for.  I am just waiting for some warmer weather to bust out these awesome pants!

And there you have it - my second Stitch Fix review.  Overall I am happy with my new skinny jeans and coral pants.  I wish the tops that were sent would have matched the coral pants.  I also felt like my stylist this time didn't read any of my profile, check out my style Pinterest board or my notes.  I have been told that some stylist with Stitch Fix are better at "getting you" than others.  And I guess this stylist just didn't get me or my style.  (I would NEVER wear perplum, for example)  

I did whine and boo hoo about my disappointment in this Stitch Fix.  But I quickly realized how much of a first world problem this is.  Seriously, a box of clothes showed up on my porch.  They are all in my size.  And were picked out just for me.  And boo hoo I don't like the dress and I don't like the tops.  Get a grip Affton - you didn't have to load up the kids, drag them to the store to pick out some clothes, do the whole hour long dressing room gig, and wait in ridiculously long lines to pay for items.  Quickly I came back down from my high horse of first world problems, packed away the 3 items I didn't want to buy and logged onto my Stitch Fix account to pay for the jeans and pants.  

I am going to take a month off from Stitch Fix.  Adam is getting a bit jealous of my new style and he needs a wardrobe pick me up.  Stay tuned for my review of his first clothing subscription box coming next week!

If you are interested in trying out Stitch Fix for yourself, here is my referral link

I am sure I will be setting up my next fix closer to summer!  Can't wait!

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Jumping on the Stitch Fix Bandwagon

I keep hearing and reading about how amazing Stitch Fix is and I was intrigued.  As a SAHM I lack style and time to shop for myself.  My shopping excursions are something like this, drive to store, drag the stroller, unload baby and 1 or 2 young children.  Once inside the store, after dodging a child nearly being hit by a car on the way in, we venture to the mom section.  I scan the available items with my eyes and grab a few things.  Oh wait now I have lost a child who is playing hide and seek in the racks.  We meander over to the dressing room.  After locking the children and myself in the largest dressing room I remove my clothes to try some things on.  The baby sees that mom has now exposed herself and well what do you know - it is time to eat - and NOW!  So we take a break to have a snack.  After snack time, I resume trying on clothes - most of the time I find not one thing fits nicely.  So after spending an obnoxious amount of time in the dressing room we emerge and I toss everything into the pile for a lovely store employee to put back for me.  I am usually completely exhausted by this point in time and we promptly exit the store and return home where I still have "nothing to wear".

I actually do have clothes - plenty of them.  Sadly mothering has done a number on my body and well things just don't look the same as they used to.  

All of the above led me to be very interested in Stitch Fix.  For those who might not know about Stitch Fix, here is the quick version of what it is and how it works.  You sign up via their website and fill out a pretty lengthy profile describing your size, likes, dislikes, and budget.  Choose a date to receive your "fix" and check out.  Up front you pay a $20 styling fee.  Your "stylist" reviews your profile and then chooses 5 items (tops/pants/accessories), puts them in a box and ships it out to you.  Once you receive your box, you try your items on, choose what you want and don't want.  Pay for and keep the items you want and return the ones you don't want.  Oh and that $20 styling fee goes towards your purchase - great bonus!  You send back your returns in the envelope provided - free of charge - another great bonus! 

After the excitement wears off - and my kiddos were all occupied.  I jumped in the shower, did my hair and make up.  See I knew that if I looked frumpy that it wouldn't matter how amazing the clothes were, I wouldn't like them.  After I got all gussied up.  I cautiously opened the box.

Eek!  I was soo excited.  Literally this was an exciting experience - clothes picked out just for me, already in my size, for my personality, style, and I didn't have to do ANYTHING!  

So here is what my stylist picked for me.  2 tops, 2 cardigans and 1 pair of jeans.  I had specifically asked my stylist to send me a pair of amazing jeans.  I am on the hunt for the perfect pair for my mom body.  

Here are the jeans.  They were amazingly soft and fit great everywhere - except I am about 4 inches too short for them.  They did work with boots but overall I didn't feel I should spend $78 on a pair of jeans that don't actually fit me.  So they were sent back - sadly.  I did search all over the internet for this brand and style of jeans in a petite version.  No luck :(  

Also in this picture is a super cute leopard print cardigan.  It was really adorable.  I was shocked at how much I liked it.  In the end, I chose to send this one back - only because I tend to not wear leopard print.  And in my Stitch Fix experience I wanted to buy items I would actually wear often.  Not a piece to hang in my closet where it looks pretty but is never worn.

This cardigan was my FAVORITE!  I loved everything about it.  It is soft, fit and length were perfect.  Ahh, I really love it.  This is a keeper!

Here is a dolman top.  I initially really liked it.  The color was cute and I thought it looked nice.  Adam informed me that I looked like a bat with the dolman sleeve.  So this piece did not get his approval - and so it went back.

My last item was this top.  It was nice and comfortable.  It could be dressed up or dressed down.  There was just something strange about it when I moved my arms that I didn't love.  So it also went back.

One great thing about Stitch Fix is the style card that is sent with your items.  This helps give you ideas of how to style each item.  I did love how my entire box was meant to be mixed and matched.  Had I kept the entire box, I would have gained lots of new options for outfits.  

Overall I enjoyed my first Stitch Fix.  Even though I only kept one item from my box, I was still impressed.  From what I understand the longer you receive Stitch Fix boxes, the better your stylist gets at choosing items specifically for you.  I plan to get another Stitch Fix box in the next few weeks.  I again have asked for jeans - perhaps this time in the petite version.

There you have it - my first Stitch Fix.  I do recommend everyone try it out - even just once.  It is fun to get a box of clothes someone has chosen for you.  Who wouldn't love that!  And if you feel so inclined here is my referral link -
When you sign up through my referral link you and I will receive perks for money off our next Stitch Fixes.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Reviving My Old Blog!

Well it has been approximately a year and a half since my last blog post.  Things have been just a tad on the hectic side of life.  For my faithful - and not so faithful readers, I decided it is time to bring this old thing back to life.  There are a few different topics I want to blog about and keep telling myself to sit down and do it.  So here I am.

So what have I been up to since August 2014 (my last blog post).

My baby sister got married!

Austin turned 5 & 6 - Seriously how did that happen?  He also started Kindergarten - WHAT?!?

Aubrey turned 4.  She had her first dance recital - she was great!

Oh and this happened....

Allison Mae was born August 3, 2015.  She is kind of a big deal!  And we can say part of the blame for why I have left this blog out in cyber world alone for so long.  Pregnant is hard work.  Having a new baby is hard work.

We also had some medical mishaps.  Adam celebrated Allie being 1 month old by having massive knee surgery.  He was on crutches for a month.  Let's just say I am not cut out to be a nurse.  Ugh, so glad that trial is over :)

December brought our family's first broken bone.  Some playing around with her brother landed her in a cast for 3 weeks.  The story initially was that she fell down on the wooden blocks.  After the ER trip and x-rays we found out Austin in fact, pushed her down.  Result was a buckle fracture in the wrist.

And I think that sums up some main points in my life for the past year and a half.  I am super excited for my next blog post.  My review of my first Stitch Fix!  Stay tuned for that!


Monday, August 11, 2014

Aubrey's Cinderella Birthday Party

It isn't a secret to my family and friends that I enjoy throwing themed birthday parties for my kiddos.  I spend hours perusing Pinterest looking for ideas and inspiration.  After every party I promise myself that I am going to blog the party...but I never do.  Let's face it - life with a 3 and 4 year old is busy - VERY busy.  Somehow I manage to find the time to do projects for their parties but yet never can find the time to blog about it.  So that stops NOW.  Over the next few weeks or perhaps month (remember I am not so great at timeliness of blogging these days) I am going to blog each of the parties I have thrown the kids.  Some parties were great and full of fun projects.  Others were just basic parties - I just wasn't this crafty back when Austin turned one.

First up - Aubrey's 3rd Birthday - Cinderella Party

Birthday girl
Invitations:  I designed these invitations myself.  It took several tries to get exactly what I had in mind but I am so happy with how they turned out.  With the help of my super awesome silhouette cameo I was able to design and cut the invitations.  I liked the invitations so much I added them to my etsy shop.  I decided to go with blue and purple because those colors match the current Cinderella party supplies being sold at our local party store.  And, Aubrey happens to love everything purple and blue.

For centerpieces I wanted to stay simple.  The venue we chose for Aubrey's party was an indoor playground with an attached party room.  The only time party-goers would be in the party room was while eating snacks and cake.  There was no reason for me to spend hours on decorations and centerpieces.  After much debate I decided to cut die cuts of several cinderella themed shapes - a castle, crown, carriage, glass slipper, and Aubrey's name.  I attached the die cuts to sticks and put them in a vase I made with purple glitter.  I also made tulle pom poms and attached them to sticks for the vases.  I purchased the Cinderella die cut from my local scrapbooking store.  (One day I will learn how to make these - one day)

For the glass slipper, I had found on Pinterest the idea of painting a high heel with silver spray paint and then adding silver glitter before the paint was dry.  I ran to my local Goodwill to find a pair of high heels for this project.  To my surprise the perfect pair of silver glitter high heels were for sale for $6 - no crafting needed.  That is what I call a win in party prep.   

I made a simple Happy Birthday Aubrey banner with coordinating scrapbooking paper.  I have no idea why I have never made a banner like this before.  It was super simple and quick.
Close up

It is hard to read from this far away but the banner says "Happy Birthday Aubrey"

The second banner I made using cinderella theme die cuts and Aubrey's name.  I used silver and purple glitter cardstock and really loved how this banner turned out.

For food table decorations I painted three wooden frames (purchased from Michael's) using a glitter silver spray paint.  I made die cuts of two Cinderella silhouettes from purple glitter cardstock.  And I simply attached them.  I intend on adding these to my etsy shop in the future.  On the third frame I attached a photo of Aubrey with Cinderella and Prince Charming from a Cinderella tea we attended last Spring.

The last craft I did for the party was make Aubrey a hair bow.  Thanks to Pinterest I found this wonderful tutorial.  It was the perfect touch for her Cinderella party. 

I will leave you with some other photos from the party.

Cake by our local grocery store

Super amazing cookies made by Aubrey's Grandma - they are egg free and taste delicious.

Inside the indoor playground

The kids had a blast

Happy Birthday big girl!

Her big present - a big trampoline.  Hours and hours of fun and exhaustion!