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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Stitch Fix #2 Review

Last Friday I received my second Stitch Fix box.  I was super excited to see what my stylist had sent me.  My notes to her for this fix were a) I am still nursing so tops must be nursing friendly b) still trying to hide my tummy since mommying 3 kiddos leaves little time for the gym and c) Spring is just around the corner, so I would like pieces that transition well from the end of Winter to Spring.

Upon opening the box and pulling out each item I became really disappointed.  Straight out of the box I knew right away I wasn't a fan of 3 out of the 5 pieces.  But what do I know about style...oh yes, nothing!  Here is what I got.

Item #1 - Liverpool Mira Skinny Jean  
               These jeans are the ones I received from my first box that were WAY too long for my short self.  When I returned them I noted that if they were available in a petite version I would be interested in trying them.  Guess what?  They do come in petites and yay, they fit me perfectly!  Score 1 for Stitch Fix!  I love everything about these jeans.  Their stretchability (not sure that is a word) but they are stretchy and comfy, yet still stylish.

Item #2 - Skies are Blue Pisca Loose Perplum Top
                Hated this top!  The color wasn't my favorite.  The way it was loose on my arms, tight at my bust, and then loose and tight again at my belly and then loose again.  Yuck.  Perplum is just not for me.  It does look lovely on others and this top probably would be a great addition to their wardrobe.  But for me, this was a NO.

Item #3 - Le Lis Columbus Pullover Knit Top
                This top was just eh for me.  It was comfortable.  But I didn't feel it had much style with it.  The shoulders and back were lace.  I couldn't decide if I liked that or hated that since there is no way to hide your bra straps.  I am sure this top would look great with some great long necklaces.  But necklaces are currently not in my wardrobe due to Allie's 7 month old grabby hands.  Overall, I just didn't think this top was special in any sort of way to pay $38 for it. 

Item #4 - Pixley Olley Knit Dress
               Apparently my stylists with Stitch Fix think that as a stay at home mom I go out on lots of dates.  My note from my stylist last month included tips on dressing items up for "date night".  And my note from this month's stylist said she was including a fun dress for me for "date night".  So this dress was just different.  I didn't hate it but I certainly didn't like it.  Perhaps if I had a summer tan it would look better on me.  It is difficult to see in the picture but somehow this dress drew attention to my not so skinny post baby belly.  (My stylist must have forgot I wasn't wanting to draw attention to that right now.)  Adam kind of liked it.  But since it isn't nursing friendly and I don't typically wear dresses for my day job - it would most likely sit on the hanger in my closet.  So I sent it back.

Item #5 - Kut From The Kloth Siena Cropped Pant
                Okay WOW, these pants are my favorite!  They are a bright coral color, amazingly soft and comfortable.  They are cropped and hit me just above the ankle.  I actually love the bright color of them and how they can be dressed up or down depending on what look I am going for.  I am just waiting for some warmer weather to bust out these awesome pants!

And there you have it - my second Stitch Fix review.  Overall I am happy with my new skinny jeans and coral pants.  I wish the tops that were sent would have matched the coral pants.  I also felt like my stylist this time didn't read any of my profile, check out my style Pinterest board or my notes.  I have been told that some stylist with Stitch Fix are better at "getting you" than others.  And I guess this stylist just didn't get me or my style.  (I would NEVER wear perplum, for example)  

I did whine and boo hoo about my disappointment in this Stitch Fix.  But I quickly realized how much of a first world problem this is.  Seriously, a box of clothes showed up on my porch.  They are all in my size.  And were picked out just for me.  And boo hoo I don't like the dress and I don't like the tops.  Get a grip Affton - you didn't have to load up the kids, drag them to the store to pick out some clothes, do the whole hour long dressing room gig, and wait in ridiculously long lines to pay for items.  Quickly I came back down from my high horse of first world problems, packed away the 3 items I didn't want to buy and logged onto my Stitch Fix account to pay for the jeans and pants.  

I am going to take a month off from Stitch Fix.  Adam is getting a bit jealous of my new style and he needs a wardrobe pick me up.  Stay tuned for my review of his first clothing subscription box coming next week!

If you are interested in trying out Stitch Fix for yourself, here is my referral link

I am sure I will be setting up my next fix closer to summer!  Can't wait!