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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Strange baby products

While I was pregnant with Austin I came across this article of bazaar baby products.  I laughed at most of them and forgot the products existed.  Yesterday I ran across this article 20 of the Weirdest Baby Products.  My memory recalled reading about these products but I re-read just for an enjoyable read.  I quickly realized that now as a parent some of these products aren't near as bad as I originally (pre-baby) thought.

1.  Pee-pee teepee - With a boy you MUST keep this body part covered during changes.  In the early months, they cannot control themselves when cold air hits their bottom.
2.  Helmet - While it does look ridiculous, I am a fan.  Austin has hit his head too many times to count and this product would protect his delicate skin from injury.

3.  Nasal Aspirator  - I have actually read claims that this product really works.  I will just stick with the regular ol blue bulb syringe.  To me the baby will hate any aspirator being stuck up their nose regardless if their mom is sucking the boogies out.  And, the girl in the photo looks a little old to need to be aspirated.
4.  Potty Mitts - I think this product is genius and will be purchasing them when Austin reaches the potty training stage of his development.

5.  Baby knee pads - Poor Austin learned to crawl when he was 6 months old - it was summer.  He wore shorts and his knees were constantly red and bruised.  I was very tempted to buy him a pair of Babylegs. But for fear that his dad would announce they were "girly" I resisted.  But these knee pads are much more "boyish" if they came in maybe blue and green.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Thankful Tuesdays

I think that sometimes I dwell on the negative in my life not realizing the blessings I have.  Following the inspiration of fellow bloggers, I want to take Tuesdays to write a list of things I am thankful for.  I will then be able to recall the list when I catch myself in negative thoughts.

1.  My faith in God

2.  My husband Adam, who works very hard to support our family so I can stay home with Austin.

3.  Listening to Austin sing along to "Hot dog, hot dog, hot diggity dog"

4.  1st Easter Egg hunt - Austin loving finding his healthy snacks inside the eggs

5.  2nd Easter Egg hunt - Austin throwing money (hidden inside the eggs) like it was worthless

6.  Sleeping through the night

7.  Adam's successful knee surgery

8.  Daddy putting son to bed so Mom can have a few moments of quiet

9.  Kicks, punches, and other random movements from my belly

10.  Walks outside before the rain with Austin and Astro

11.  Learning how to post photos in my blog

Thursday, April 21, 2011

32 Things 'Worse' Than Seeing a Baby Breastfed in Public

I ran across this article tonight while browsing the internet.  I have endured the "stare" while feeding Austin in random locations during his 13 month nursing period.  I enjoyed the list and wanted to share.

32 Things 'Worse" Than Seeing a Baby Breastfed in Public

  1. Not covering a sneeze or cough.
  2. Leaving your grocery cart in the parking lot so it can damage people's cars.
  3. Talking loudly on a cellphone in public.
  4. Smoking on a sidewalk where others are trying to walk.
  5. Cussing in public, including blaring R-rated music from your car.
  6. Not picking up dog poop.
  7. Honking at people who don't go the second the light turns green.
  8. Littering.
  9. Texting while walking is funny when we see you crash, but not when it's into us or our children.
  10. Not washing your hands after using the bathroom.
  11. Jaywalking so cars have to slam on their brakes to avoid killing you.
  12. Not cleaning up after yourself in public bathrooms so other people have to see and deal with your bloody tampons or pee drippings.
  13. Texting while driving and risking the lives of everyone on the road with you.
  14. Leaving your grocery cart in the middle of the aisle so no one can get by.
  15. Letting your children run around and almost trip or run into strangers or waiters at restaurants.
  16. Bumping into or spilling water on others from your umbrella.
  17. Not making at least an effort to wipe your feet off before entering a building or someone's home.
  18. Spitting gum where other people step in it.
  19. Being rude to waiters so they're in a bad mood for their other tables.
  20. Leaving cold/frozen items you changed your mind about in the store on a random warm shelf so they have to be thrown away.
  21. Being loud in a movie theater.
  22. Getting drunk in public.
  23. Texting while in the middle of a conversation.
  24. Tying your dog right outside the door to a store.
  25. Driving fast through parking lots.
  26. Parking in the 'Expectant and New Moms' parking spaces when you are neither.
  27. Wearing very strong perfume or cologne so people around you gag and hold their breath.
  28. Changing a baby's diaper in the same area people are eating at a restaurant.
  29. Not wiping down exercise equipment after you sweat all over it.
  30. Yelling at a mother to "make her child shut up" -- if she could stop it, she would.
  31. Leaving dirty diapers in the parking lot or on a public changing table.
  32. Telling someone else how to care for their child in public.
ALL of these things actually affect you whether you want to avoid it or not ... yet a nursing mom only affects those who are against it if you stare. And heck, kids running around or a crying baby are on many lists of annoying things in public, but one that's being breastfed is quiet and still. Consider that.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Random thought about Poop

Lately I have been doing some light research in the area of potty training.  Austin is not even close to beginning this stage of life, but I want to be prepared for when he shows signs.  After all, according to my mother-in-law, Adam was completely potty trained by his 2nd birthday.  That only gives us 8 months to keep up with his dad's amazing record.

From my reading it seems some children are afraid to poop.  I remember from a babysitting experience I had, the little boy 2-3 years old, would run and hide in a corner or behind furniture when he needed to poop.  At the time I thought it was cute that he wanted to be alone to take care of business.  I now realize that perhaps toddlers run away to poop because it scares them to do it.

So why does this oh so natural bodily function terrify children?  My latest thought is because we as adults give them the idea that it is a bad thing.

For Austin's entire life, I have caught myself screaming in a silly manner when he poops.  I tell him it is "yucky and stinky".  I also immediately run through the house with him to change his diaper.  We talk about his nasty poop the entire trip to the changing table.  "That must feel squishy on your bottom, can you wait till mommy cleans you up?"

So it is obvious why toddlers are scared to poop --they are scared of their momma's reaction and they learn that its a "bad" thing because we tell them it is.

My challenge for myself from this day forward is to congratulate Austin for his poops as to not instill a fear of pooping in him.  Whether this will aid in our potty training experience I do not know, but hopefully he will not be scared to poop.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Inherited Traits

During my pregnancy with Austin, I often would think about the baby would be like.  But, my thoughts were simple --is it a boy or a girl??  Since we opted to be "weird" and wait until the baby's birth to find out the sex, this was a question that ran through my head daily for 40 weeks and 3 days (not that I was counting).

This pregnancy we decided to see what it is like to find out the gender of the baby during the anatomy scan at 19 weeks.  Upon discovering that I was carrying a baby girl my mind began to fill with thoughts.  She will have hair that I will need to learn how to fix (braid, pony tail, pig tails, half up/half down, curly, straight, clips, bows, headbands, etc.). 

In recent days I have been wondering how similar she will look to Austin.  They do have the same genetic make up, but how will different genders display the results.  I was told from the day Austin was born that he looked just like his dad.  It took me a while to make this association too.  But, they do indeed look a lot alike.  (If I knew how to add a photo mid blog, I would do a comparison photo of the two here, but since I am still learning, no picture, sorry).

Austin has inherited a majority of traits from Adam - the good ones, blonde hair, adorable eyes...and the bad ones, itchy skin, the Walden legs.  Now that Austin is a toddler and his personality is really beginning to shine, I am eager to announce, YES - I did contribute my traits to him as well!  Austin is beginning to show he is quite shy in large groups - just like his Momma.  Last night this trait was brought to my attention.  We hosted a Bible study at our house with just two other families present (6 adults, 2 children, 3 toddlers).  As the evening wore on, Austin began his signs for tiredness.  So I excused myself and set off to begin our bedtime routine.  Usually, Austin will fall asleep in his bed after we do our routine.  Last night was a little different.  He simply laid in his bed, quietly playing until our house was empty of guests (about an hour later).  I think he just wanted to be alone and knew that in his room he could be alone.

I am curious how Austin's personality will continue to develop into the little person he is.  I am anxious to see what his sister looks like.  It would be nice for her to look slightly like me since I am the one who shares my body for 9 months. 

Sunday, April 17, 2011

In sickness...

For the past month I have watched my better half suffer from intense knee pain.  As a wife, it pains me to witness my husband hurting. 

What did Adam do to hurt his knee?   Three words...we don't know.  Last November or December Adam fell on the ice while carrying our niece.  He landed on his knee, had normal pain and bruising that lasted a week.  In February, Adam embarked on a complete kitchen renovation.  During the final weeks of cabinet install, he began having pain in his knee. 

This pain progressively became intolerable.  Mid-March Adam made an appointment to see a local orthopedic surgeon to determine what was causing all of his pain.  The doctor ordered x-rays and an MRI but believed he had a torn meniscus.  He also instructed Adam to stay off his knee and use crutches at all times.

At this time, Adam's knee pain went from bad to worst.  He could no longer straighten it fully.  Adam was taking pain killers around the clock - even waking at night to horrific pain.

Adam went to see the orthopedic two weeks following his original appointment.  At this time, this doctor informed Adam that although the MRI said the meniscus was not torn, he believed it was and wanted to schedule surgery for the repair.  This local doctor was very arrogant and offended that Adam wanted a second opinion.  **Note:  we had several negative reviews of this surgeon, so knew that if surgery was needed, we would be going with another doctor in STL that we had recommendations for.

That day I drove a copy of Adam's x-rays and MRI over to STL for the second opinion surgeon to review.  Two days later, they called to give us their thoughts - Yes, Adam did need surgery.  It was scheduled for May 9 - more than a month away.  At this time Adam had been on crutches and out of commission for almost 3 weeks.  I was quickly becoming too overwhelmed being a "single mom", wife, and pregnant.  During the next week Adam saw his primary doctor for a refill of pain killers and ask about possible injections to allow him to function until surgery in May.

Adam also called Dr. Lehman's office to ask to be put on a waiting list in the event they had a cancellation.  He explained our situation (pregnant wife, 1 year old) and his pain level.  Amazingly they were able to move his surgery up to April 15! 

April 14, Adam and I met with Dr. Lehman in his office for his pre-operative exam.  At this appointment, we learned the severity of his knee injury - much worst than a simple meniscus tear - a bone chip.  We also were informed that Adam's lack of mobility in his knee was extremely serious.  Dr. Lehman prescribed a long road of physical therapy and home equipment use to regain use of the knee.

April 15 - Surgery day!  We arrived at Des Peres hospital in STL at 1:00 for his surgery (scheduled for 3:30).  I was able to stay with Adam during his prep and at 3:00 he was wheeled away as I was directed to the waiting area.  In this waiting room there was a board with patients initials stating their progress (holding, surgery, recovery, outpatient recovery).  The room was very busy with families.  I quickly discovered that surgeries were running about 3 hours behind due to an overloaded schedule (42 scheduled, double the normal number).

I waited and waited while I watched the board anxious for Adam's name to move from "holding" to "surgery".  At 5:00 the waiting room phone rang, it was Adam's nurse, she wanted to let me know he was bored and he would still be at least another 2-3 hours before he would be in and out of surgery, so I should go eat something.  While I was gone Adam was taken into surgery, approximately 5:30.  At this hour, most of the families had left the waiting room.  I bonded with the remaining three families waiting with me, to pass the time and keep my mind from creating images of Adam laying in surgery.  Finally at 7:15 Dr. Lehman came to let me know how his surgery went.  He informed me that Adam had several large chunks of bone chipped off in his knee, a small tear in his meniscus, lots of fluid and scar tissue.  Everything was repaired and Adam would start physical therapy on Monday.

Around 9:00 I was finally able to go see Adam.  He looked pale - very difficult to see him like this, but he was in good spirits.  We finally arrived at home close to midnight after a very emotional, long day.

So far, his pain has not been as bad as originally expected.  He begins PT on Monday, so I am sure that will be difficult.  Dr. Lehman believes that the entire recovery will take about 2 months.  Thankfully, baby A isn't due until mid-July, so he should be back to normal before his baby girl is born.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


A couple years ago I decided that I would start clipping coupons from the newspaper inserts and use them to help knock a few cents off our grocery bill.  Since I would be the homemaker and Adam the bread winner, it made sense for me to look for ways to save pennies.  I am not a coupon extremist.  The most I have ever saved using coupons was simply a few dollars. 

In the past month I have watched two episodes of the new show on TLC Extreme Couponing.  The show documents individuals who save outrageous amounts of money by using coupons.

I have mixed thoughts about these individuals and their "hobby".

1.  WOW - I am jealous that you are able to buy groceries for your family that normally would cost several hundred dollars by paying only a few dollars.  Who wouldn't want to get the same amount of food for less money?  Especially with the rising gas prices.

2.  I feel that buying ridiculous quantities of items, just because they only cost pennies or are free is irresponsible.  Okay maybe irresponsible is not the word I am wanting to use.  I am bothered by the fact that many families in our country are struggling to put food on the table.  But yet, a few families have enough cereal to last for years

My question to these extreme couponers featured on the show is why do you not share your blessings.  To me it seems obvious.  If I had a coupon that would allow me to purchase a product for free, then I would get as many as I could and race to the nearest food pantry to drop off the donation.  It makes me feel ill when the cameras would show off the stockpile of food that has been hoarded away.  Sure it was very organized, but is it necessary to store years worth of food and supplies for your family.

So I am motivated to continue clipping coupons to save our family a few dollars.  I wish I had the talent/time/mental capacity to be extreme with couponing to be able to purchase items for pennies or free.  I would be eager to make that donation to my local food pantry.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Random Facts about Breast Milk

Breast milk is an amazing substance.  I was completely unaware of it's greatness until I was a producer of it.  Obviously I knew that human milk is a perfect way to nourish your newborn baby.  Here some other random facts about breast milk.  I have gathered the following information through reading and talking with other mothers.  Some of my information is backed by medical evidence but some of it is just simply my findings that I stored away to pass along to others who might be interested.

1.  Colostrum (the first milk produced) - truly only small amounts are needed to completely satisfy the newborn for the first days.  At birth the stomach is only the size of a marble.  It makes sense to me that this is the reason newborns seem to eat constantly.  Their bellies are soo tiny, they cannot hold and store milk for later.

2.  Breast milk has over 200 components and properties.  Some of these have yet to be identified by the scientific community.  (This statement was presented at a breastfeeding class I took at MOBAP).  I secretly laugh when people tell me that "formula is the same as breast milk".  Clearly, formula cannot be the same when scientists do not even know 100% of what is contained in human milk.

3.  A mother will continue to produce milk for her young until the demand stops.  In the US it is commonly acceptable to breastfeed your baby for 12 months.  Most other countries around the world prefer 24 months.  There are some women who continue feeding their children in this way for years and years.

4.  Breast milk clears up cradle cap!  I can personally testify this is indeed true.  Austin had a horrid case of cradle cap.  Just rubbing some good ol breast milk on his head cleared it right up.

5.  Breast milk also clears clogged tear ducts.  I do not have personal experience with this one, but I have heard from several mothers that it does work.  After seeing the effects with cradle cap, I don't see why it wouldn't work for clogged tear ducts.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Our First Date

Tonight Austin and I had our first date, just the two of us.  Okay well actually the "three" of us, but baby A didn't mind tagging along in my belly.

After an afternoon of running errands, Austin and I were both hungry for dinner.  My mind raced with the choices.  My desire was a sit down restaurant, where a waiter would bring our food.  Preferably loud, so in the event Austin was to act like a typical one year old, no one would mind.  I was quite nervous, even called my sister for confirmation that we could do this.  This would be the first time I have taken Austin out to eat without the amazing assistance of my husband.

The location for this memorable date was O'Charley's in O'Fallon.  To my surprise, we were able to be seated immediately - a great start to the evening. 

Shortly after getting settled at our table, our waiter brought out a basket of warm rolls.  I began my usual questions, "Sir, can you check to see if there are eggs used in the dough for the rolls?".  He responded that he had never been asked but he would check for me.  Moments later he returned with a binder that contained a list of every item on their menu.  Next to each item it was clearly marked which highly allergic foods were used in the preparations.  He flipped directly to the page where I would find "yeast rolls" and pointed out that they were indeed egg free.

I just want to take a moment to recognize O'Charley's in O'Fallon for this binder of menu items with allergic foods listed.  No restaurant we have been to has ever shown us something of this nature.  It put my mind at ease as I allowed Austin to eat his food. 

Some might not understand this but when we ask the waiter to check the ingredients, we just have to trust them.  I have read stories where the restaurant staff were too busy to really check the ingredients, so they simply tell the customer - no it doesn't or yes it does, when they never actually looked.  Some younger waitresses and waiters might not understand why you are asking and brush the question off as if it doesn't matter.  (To be completely honest, a year ago, I too would have wondered "why does it matter if there are eggs in the rolls?")  We have had one experience where the wrong bread was used to make a grilled cheese - luckily I am always prepared and watching for the early signs of anaphylaxis with benadryl on hand.

I applaud O'Charley's for the allergy binder.  I wish all restaurants had a binder like theirs. 

In a nutshell, Austin and I had a wonderful date night.  It was nice to sit and eat dinner with him without fear of grabbing the epi pen at any second. 

I look forward to continuing dates with my son as he grows.  I realize he will not remember our first date, when he was 16 months old, but I will remember it and treasure it forever.

Friday, April 8, 2011

My opinions and thoughts on Breastfeeding

Today I want to start a discussion about breastfeeding.  I want to break through the barriers that make this topic "hush, hush".  I believe many women are misinformed about this God given use for our bodies.  I am completely aware that many who read this will disagree with my stance on breastfeeding and feel I am completely bold and out of line for actually sharing these opinions.  But this is my blog and I get to choose my topics to discuss.  Please if you are not interested, do not waste your time reading any of my posts regarding this topic.  I am writing this entry for mothers who are interesting in breastfeeding.

First, I am not an expert on breastfeeding or a lactation consultant.  I do not hold a medical degree to back up my information.  I am just a mother.   I am proud to say I breastfed my son until he was 13 months old.  This is not a huge accomplishment, I had originally planned to nurse for 24 months.  So I do feel quite defeated.  Austin did receive 2cc's of formula while we were in the hospital.  We had many many challenges with breastfeeding that would make most women just give up.

My breastfeeding journey with Austin
I knew before I became pregnant that I wanted to breastfeed.  I was shocked to discover how many women and men who offered their reasons on why I would be unable to nurse.  I was told many times that since my breasts were on the smaller end of the spectrum, they would not provide enough milk to nourish my baby.  (Like this has anything to do with how many milk ducts I have).  I was determined and any negative comment regarding breastfeeding gave me strength to prove that I could indeed nurse for a full year - at least.  So I spent my days reading on the topic - is an amazing resource! 

I delivered Austin via emergency c-section, he immediately was transferred to the NICU for IV antibiotics and monitoring for an infection.  I was devastated - from my reading, to establish a good latch and nursing habit, the newborn should nurse within the first hours of delivery.  It would be several hours before I first was able to attempt to nurse Austin.  I was terrified this would make breastfeeding impossible.

Austin had an ankyloglossia, which is commonly called a tongue tie.  This is where the frenulum (the membrane connecting the tongue to the bottom of the mouth) is connected to the tip of the tongue limiting the mobility of the tongue.  This condition is hereditary and can (in our case) make it impossible for the infant to hold a latch to the nipple of a breast or bottle.  So for the first three days of Austin's life he tried to nurse unsuccessfully.  I pumped colostrum and used a syringe to feed him.  As soon as his frenulum was cut, he was a nursing pro - so it seemed.

Per my reading and recommendations I would attempt to nurse Austin 15 minutes on one side, burp, and 15 minutes on the opposite side.  This process just didn't work for us.  So after a long week or two of traumatic nursing sessions (painful, cracked, bleeding nipples), we switched to a one side per feeding routine.

It seemed by one month old we had worked through all of our nursing issues and it was finally becoming a natural process.  Although Austin never did nurse for the recommended time span.  He was a guzzler, and nursing sessions were quick - often less than 10 minutes.  But he was gaining weight and happy = success!

At Austin's 4 month check up his pediatrician noticed his weight had stalled.  He was no longer gaining as he should.  So just when I thought all was well with breastfeeding, I was quickly brought back to reality that my son was not adequately nourished.  I quickly began reading on ways to increase my milk supply.  I drank ridiculous amounts of water, ate oatmeal multiple times a day, and began taking fenugreek.  The only "trick" I did not try was drinking a beer (I know it would have helped, I just could not stomach the taste).  But I did have some lactation cookies which contained brewers yeast (found in beer).  Within 2 weeks, Austin was gaining weight and we were back on track.

Suddenly during month 11 of nursing Austin began biting me - a nursing mother's worst nightmare.  I was unaware but I had become pregnant.  With the changes going on with my body, my milk supply took a major hit.  We continued nursing a couple times a day until he was about 13 months old.  At his time, I believe the pregnancy had caused my milk to begin changing back to colostrum, therefore changing in taste.  Austin became disinterested and our nursing journey ended.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Abc's of Me

I read this on my sister's blog.  And since I am currently 24 weeks pregnant and STILL experiencing morning sickness I am in no place to actually write a well thought out blog entry.
A. Age: 26
B. Bed size: Queen
C. Chore you dislike: cleaning hardwood floors - they are beautiful when they are clean, but there are so many steps involved in the cleaning process (sweep up loose dirt and dog hair and then wet mop)
D. Dogs:  Astro
E. Essential start to your day: A kiss from my husband and son
F. Favorite color: orange
G. Gold or silver:  My 1st choice would be platinum, but white gold will do
H. Height: 5'2''
I. Instruments you play(ed): I took lessons to play the piano and saxophone in elementary school, unfortunately this is an area where I have not been gifted
J. Job title: Wife, Momma, Business Owner, Dance Teacher
K. Kids: Austin (16 months) and Baby Girl coming this July
L. Live: Troy, IL
M. Mom’s name: Katherine
N. Nicknames: Austin's Mom, okay this isn't my nickname yet, but I do look forward to a day when my son's friends refer to me as "Austin's Mom"
O. Overnight hospital stays: My freshman year of high school following a major car accident and a few nights after having Austin
P. Pet peeves: I am drawing a blank here
Q. Quote from a movie: I cannot recall any quotes from any movies
R. Righty or lefty: Righty
S. Siblings: Older half-sister, older sister and younger sister
T. Time you wake up: When Austin wakes, somewhere between 6:30 and 7:30
U. Underwear:  Momma style
V. Vegetables: yum
W.What makes you run late:  Currently I have difficulty being on time due to taking care of and getting myself, Austin and Adam ready to go
X. X-rays you’ve had: Too many to count, I have had several broken bones in my life.  I also have had quite a lot of MRI's for my age
Y. Yummy food you make:  the morning sickness I am experiencing makes it impossible to think any food sounds yummy
Z. Zoo animal favorites: Elephants - they are wonderful!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I did it!

Well thank you to Diana for the instructions on how to post a photo to your blog.  I now have a photo!  While it is not a recent one, it will do for now. 

Now I am off to locate the 150 photos I just uploaded from my camera, that are now lost somewhere on the computer. 

Enjoying the sunshine today!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Dear Blog

A couple weeks ago when I started this blog, I was extremely motivated and eager to attack my new "project".  Unfortunately life as a wife, mother, and business owner gets hectic and I have neglected to carve time out of my schedule to devote to figuring out the world of blogging.

I would like to eventually put a photo of my family somewhere on this blog.  I just need to play around with the settings to figure out what to do.  When I was in high school, I did take classes to instruct and prepare me for a life with the computer.  Ten years ago my teacher thought that I would need to know how to build an amazing power point presentation.  Truth be told, I am not even sure my laptop even has this program. 

What are high school computer class students learning in 2011?  I wonder if they are learning how to create a blog.  Maybe I should contact Triad and see if I could sit in on a few classes. 

I reminisce about how far technology has come in my life.  I recall being 15 years old and being the proud owner of a bright yellow nokia cell phone.  This phone was only used to make phone calls to my parents in an emergency.  Today if I leave the house and forget my cell phone, this is an emergency.  

In high school I spent many nights on ICQ chat.  Then in college it was MSN Messenger and Myspace.  Now in my late 20's it is Facebook.  I do thoroughly enjoy reconnecting with old high school friends.  But at times I read status updates that I wish I could erase from my mind.  Some matters are private and the world does not need to know intimate details of your life or your whereabouts at every minute.  Nonetheless, Facebook has been a great tool to share photos of Austin with our family and friends who live far away.

I often wonder how advanced technology will be by the time my children are teenagers.  Will they laugh at the thought of facebook and twitter?  Or will these social networks stand the test of time?

I do feel technology is a great tool to make our lives easier.  But I also feel that technology has made my life more busy.  For example, at any time I can open up the computer to briefly check e-mail.  And suddenly it has been 30 minutes or even an hour or more.  Yesterday I made a decision to be more disciplined with myself regarding my internet usage.  My to do list is far to long for me to be wasting time wandering around in cyberspace.  Overall I think limiting my internet time will lead me to be happier and rest easier.  Today I was able to accomplish a great deal.  I was focused and motivated.  It feels great!

Friday, April 1, 2011


I am now 23 weeks pregnant with our 2nd child.  Let me start by saying this pregnancy has been progressing quickly.  Apparently playing and chasing after Austin keeps me occupied.  Too busy to notice my growing belly and the kicks and punches of my daughter getting stronger each day.

I believe during my pregnancy with Austin I had everything ready and waiting by 15 weeks.  I was the 1st time mom, who just could not wait.  Every day I grew more anxious.  The nursery was painted and furnished months in advance.

This time around is quite different.  I am of course overjoyed to bring another baby into our family.  However, I have no desire to prepare for her arrival.  Where is my nesting instinct??  I can think of several projects I would like to tackle in the next couple months.  I just lack the time and motivation to actually start the to do list.

This past Monday my ob had a brief discussion with me regarding the schedule of events for delivery day.  I am to arrive at the hospital at 5:30, surgery will begin at 7:30, she will be born somewhere around 8:00, and she will be in my arms by 8:30.  Yes, he said she will be in my arms by 8:30!  Yikes, at 8:30 I will be the momma to 2 children - I can't wait!  While checking out with the receptionist after meeting with my ob, she wanted me to schedule the remainder of my appointments until delivery.  By making these appointments, I realized July will be here sooner than I think.

So perhaps the events of Monday have given the nesting instinct a boost.  This week I have added a lot to my to do list.

I currently have a strong desire to make cloth wipes.  We use cloth diapers with Austin and love it.  I now want to branch out and begin using cloth wipes as well.  Cloth wipes are available to purchase, but I want to be crafty and make some myself.  I will update on how this project progresses.

Another project I would like to attempt is making hair bows.  One of my 1st thoughts after learning we were having a daughter - "She will need bows for her hair".  I realize that baby girls do not like to wear bows and they rarely will stay on their tiny, precious heads.  Regardless, my daughter will have some bows.  Sometime in the future I will travel to the craft store and purchase an array of ribbon and see what I come up with.