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My family
My Family

Thursday, January 12, 2012

1, 2,...5

Austin is the tender age of two.  His days are full of snacks, playing, and learning.  He has been working on learning his colors and numbers.  Colors are going well, did you know that everything is "red".  It is, the world of Austin. 

Numbers are going fabulous!  This engineer in training counts everything.  I mean - everything.  You may not be familiar with toddler number order, allow me to school you.  Numbers 3,4,7, 8, and 10 are just not important, so you can just go ahead and forget they exist.  Also, when you finish counting to any number, you BLASTOFF!  Let me provide you with an example of the Austin way of counting.


I am not sure what the lasting effects of loosing numbers will be for our future.  I pray that in the event Austin does become an engineer like his dad, our roads and bridges will not be impacted by his new way of counting.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Sometimes Mom's Don't Know Everything

As a mother, I feel that I know what is best for my children.  And if I don't already have the knowledge to come to a conclusion on what is the best, I will do my own research.

Austin was a HORRIBLE  sleeper.  I cannot express how awful it truly was.  He was well over a year old before successfully sleeping through the night.  At eleven months old, he would wake at least 2 times a night for a nursing session.  To rectify this ongoing sleep issue, I read many books.  I spent countless wakeful hours on websites that guaranteed success.  Nothing worked. 

Aubrey was born last July.  As the months have past, she fell into a sleep pattern that was unfortunately very familiar.  This time was a bit different.  We have 2 children to care for.  I have found that it is virtually impossible to be a "good" mama on a measly 2 or 3 hours of sleep.

So I began re-reading sleep books, we attempted these methods - no change.

A few weeks ago, I admitted defeat.  I am a mom.  I don't know everything.  And I need help.

I called a friend for a recommendation for a sleep specialist.  Immediately I dialed the number for the Sleep Center at St. Lukes Hospital.  The poor receptionist that took my call, I poured out my frustrations to her.  She scheduled our appointment, 3 weeks away.

Three weeks is quite a long time when you are keeping sleep logs.  You can see in black and white the sleep or in our case - lack thereof, you are getting

Just after Christmas Adam and I met with a sleep nurse.  She is such an incredible person, full of great knowledge of babies and how to get them to sleep.  Her assessment of Aubrey's sleep habits were in a nutshell, "she sleeps worst than a newborn baby.  Inadequate sleep is harmful to a child's health and development."  I am so happy we met with her.  What was I thinking with Austin?  Why was I unable to admit defeat and seek help from a professional back then?  Better late than never, I guess.

We left the appointment with a strict plan to help Aubrey get some good quality sleep - and us too.  We are a week into sleep training and I am happy to report - it is going much better than expected.  Last night we logged 4 consecutive hours of sleep.  Adam even had a dream - rather a nightmare of Aubrey's crib collapsing.

By next week (if Aubrey follows the plan) my entire house will be asleep - all night!  We will be energized and ready to spend the day together.  I can't wait!