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Thursday, February 2, 2012

To pierce or not to pierce?

Aubrey is 6 months old!  Whoa, time is going by super fast.  I am having fun experiencing life with a GIRL!!!  Last Sunday, Aubrey and I went to lunch and shopping with my mom, sisters, and niece.  I love knowing that the two of us have a special mama/daughter bond.  She is soooo different from her brother.  Aubrey is a sweetheart.  She really enjoys to lay her head on your shoulder and gaze lovingly into your eyes.

Lately I have been comptemplating the idea of piercing her ears.  I have had my ears pierced since I was a baby.  So it just seems normal for me to pierce my daughter's ears.  I am torn on this decision. 

I know some parents wait for their daughter to make the decision.  This route is perfectly acceptable.  Aubrey will maybe one day want her ears pierced.  We could make a fun day of the experience.  She would most likely be old enough to exhibit the feeling of being scared before the actual act was done.  She would also most likely cry.  She would hopefully have great memories of the day she got her ears pierced.  Or awful memories depending on how bad she remembers the pain.  Or she might never want them pierced -- or be 20 years old and not want her mama to come along.

The other option is to get Aubrey's ears pierced now, while she is still a baby/toddler.  She would be young enough that she will not experience the feeling of fear before the trigger is pulled.  She will still cry.  And, she will not remember the whole experience.

If we discuss what I want to do, the answer is yes I want my daughter's ears pierced.  Her little ears would look adorable with tiny studs in them.  But this isn't about me and what I want. 

I recently read a blog (that I cannot locate) about the deep regret a mother experienced after piercing her baby's ears.  The author's stance was that the ears were not hers to pierce.  I do see the authors point.  I do, I really get it.

But I still want to pierce her ears, ugh decisions, decisions. 

I also have thought about what effect piercing Aubrey's ears would have on her - long term.  Does the act paint the idea that I didn't think she was "pretty enough", so I pierced her ears to make her look more beautiful??  I don't want her to ever think a thought like that.  Will she HATE them and request them taken out, but always carry with her the scar left behind.  Or will she enjoy her earrings and have fun matching outfits and bows to her jewlery.