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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Not a Baby Anymore

I find myself calling Austin a baby on a regular basis, however the exact opposite is true.  He is no longer a "baby" but a toddler - a full of energy, strong willed, temper throwing TODDLER.  So why is it that I find myself still calling him a baby?

Before Aubrey was born, I was warned that Austin would seem to age overnight.  And indeed he did.  He looks like such a big boy when playing around his sister.  He definitely feels like a big boy when carrying him compared to Aubrey.

Soon after Austin was born, I received advice from fellow mommas.  Many telling me that I would wish back the days of him being a newborn.  I vowed to myself that I would not spend Austin's life reminiscing of his younger years and wishing them back.  But, rather embrace and cherish every moment of his life, as to not miss anything.  I like to believe I am staying true to my vow.  I love the sound of his bare feet pounding the hardwood as he races through the house.  He is learning to talk and expressing his desires and independence.  In the past week, Austin has kicked his binkie habit to the curb...with no resistance, while getting two new teeth.  He is officially growing up.  Soon we will be embarking on the next stage of toddlerhood - potty training.

But yet, Austin is still my baby.  Yesterday I took him for a hearing test.  The final component of his speech evaluation, to rule out hearing loss.  Unfortunately the audiologist had little to no experience with one year olds.  The entire experience was terrifying for Austin and momma too.  As he shook with fear, burying his head into my neck and clinching my body with arms and legs, I realized - he is still and always will be my baby.


  1. I always catch myself calling Si "baby," too. I always try to turn it into "buddy" because I know it is annoying to other people - and, most importantly, I want him to act like a big boy! ;)