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My family
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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Arts & Crafts with a Toddler

A few days ago Aubrey was taking a nice nap - rarity at our house.  I embraced this alone time with our son with arts and crafts.  Austin thoroughly enjoys coloring and stamping.  It had been months since we experienced play-doh, so we popped open the lid of blue and started rolling, cutting, and smooshing.  After a few moments the phone rang, as I answered the call, Austin took a nice big bite of the blue clay.  --Mom mode kicked in and my finger instinctively became a fish hook in his was gone.  Only remnants of blue bits on his lips. 

Flash back to my childhood.  My neighbor friend regularly ate play-doh.  She is now a remarkable young woman, finishing up her college degree...  So, obviously Austin would live to see another day after ingesting the non-toxic clay.

I promptly gave Austin a snack of rainbow colored goldfish and water to wash down the play-doh.  We placed the remaining play-doh into its' container and retrieved paint dobbers from the bin.  After a short while of splashing paint onto paper, Aubrey awoke.  While I tended to her needs, Austin decided his rainbow goldfish were just not quite colorful enough...Yes, he dobbed paint onto the goldfish and was shoveling them into his mouth.  Thankfully, the paints were also non-toxic.  And before my inquisitive toddler could ingest more "non-toxic" items, we packed up arts & crafts to find something a little less dangerous to play with.

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  1. Ah, the ingestion on non-toxic craft items. :)

    My girls ate a lot of finger paint yesterday. Brynne looks at me and says "yummy, yummy"---she wouldn't eat her tilapia marinated in lemon and honey then pan fried, but she'd eat finger paint and say "yummy, yummy". Argh! I give up! :)