My family

My family
My Family

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Fallen off the horse

Well blog, you are seriously neglected.  Truth of the matter is that raising a family leaves little time for blogging.

Enjoy some updates on our family:

Austin just celebrated his 2nd birthday yesterday!  Yikes, we have officially entered into a rather unpleasant stage of his life that will include potty training (what a mess), tantrums, and discipline.  But he is just a bundle of energy that I cannot imagine my life without.  Austin had super fun birthday parties that I will dedicate an entire post to tomorrow (or the next day).  A few weeks ago Austin had ear tubes placed in attempts to keep his ongoing ear infections at bay and possibly help his speech development.  He is finally taking good naps!  This only took him 2 years to figure out but better late than never.  Last week we attempted a photo session with Santa. 

Aubrey is 4 months old and weighs in at 14 pounds.  She is our chunky baby.  Austin was always so skinny and low on the growth charts.  Aubrey is just the opposite.  She giggles and laughs a lot.  No big milestones yet - she is thisclose to rolling over.  But she has been for awhile, she is in no hurry to move anywhere.  In the last week, she has started sleeping a little better.  One good nap in her swing will work for me right now - we are still in survival mode.  Last week she took her 1st trip to our local dance supply store.  The owner and good friend had her 1st tutu waiting for her.  Now she only needs to get bigger so she can fit into her ballet shoes.


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