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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Sometimes Mom's Don't Know Everything

As a mother, I feel that I know what is best for my children.  And if I don't already have the knowledge to come to a conclusion on what is the best, I will do my own research.

Austin was a HORRIBLE  sleeper.  I cannot express how awful it truly was.  He was well over a year old before successfully sleeping through the night.  At eleven months old, he would wake at least 2 times a night for a nursing session.  To rectify this ongoing sleep issue, I read many books.  I spent countless wakeful hours on websites that guaranteed success.  Nothing worked. 

Aubrey was born last July.  As the months have past, she fell into a sleep pattern that was unfortunately very familiar.  This time was a bit different.  We have 2 children to care for.  I have found that it is virtually impossible to be a "good" mama on a measly 2 or 3 hours of sleep.

So I began re-reading sleep books, we attempted these methods - no change.

A few weeks ago, I admitted defeat.  I am a mom.  I don't know everything.  And I need help.

I called a friend for a recommendation for a sleep specialist.  Immediately I dialed the number for the Sleep Center at St. Lukes Hospital.  The poor receptionist that took my call, I poured out my frustrations to her.  She scheduled our appointment, 3 weeks away.

Three weeks is quite a long time when you are keeping sleep logs.  You can see in black and white the sleep or in our case - lack thereof, you are getting

Just after Christmas Adam and I met with a sleep nurse.  She is such an incredible person, full of great knowledge of babies and how to get them to sleep.  Her assessment of Aubrey's sleep habits were in a nutshell, "she sleeps worst than a newborn baby.  Inadequate sleep is harmful to a child's health and development."  I am so happy we met with her.  What was I thinking with Austin?  Why was I unable to admit defeat and seek help from a professional back then?  Better late than never, I guess.

We left the appointment with a strict plan to help Aubrey get some good quality sleep - and us too.  We are a week into sleep training and I am happy to report - it is going much better than expected.  Last night we logged 4 consecutive hours of sleep.  Adam even had a dream - rather a nightmare of Aubrey's crib collapsing.

By next week (if Aubrey follows the plan) my entire house will be asleep - all night!  We will be energized and ready to spend the day together.  I can't wait!


  1. Hooray! Sleep is knocking at your door!!

  2. Affton - I've been and will continue to pray for this! I feel so much sympathy for your exhaustion and frustration. I also feel guilty that my children have all been good sleepers (so far).