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My family
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Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Today I am linking up with my friend Julia over at Pontifications of a Twin Mom.  Julia, her readers and fellow blogging moms have been sharing amazing kid toys, ideas, books, and personal experiences that have been big hits in their households.

Typically Mama Loves are done on Saturdays and today is well, Tuesday.  But better late than never. 

My current Mama Love is KINDERMUSIK. 

Being a dance studio owner I had heard of Kindermusik for a number of years.  I would receive promotional mailers that I would toss in the junk mail pile.  Shortly after Austin was born, I was eager to "socialize" him.  Kindermusik classes were a perfect fit and we enrolled when he turned 1 year old.  The classes are for the parent and child, so we were able to experience this together as mom and toddler.  We sang songs, played instruments, danced, and even made some new friends.  Austin is a free-spirited child, so the structure of class was a challenge.  Even though he was running a muck and appeared to not be paying attention at all, he was.  At home he would recall the class, read our Kindermusik book and always want to listen to his class cd.  He loved Kindermusik!  I loved Kindermusik!  Ms. Ellen (his teacher) is a wonderful educator and she always shared valuable developmental info with me and the other parents.  As a 1st time mom, I really appreciated her tips on how to boost Austin's development through play/musical activities.

Unfortunately for Austin, his little sister came along and his mama was a bit overwhelmed.  So we had to take a break from Kindermusik class.  Thankfully he didn't mind too much, we still had the cd for him to listen to all-the-time.

This past February, I decided that we loved Kindermusik soo much that I began training to become a licensed Kindermusik educator.  Since my training, Austin, Aubrey and I love Kindermusik even more than before.  Every day Austin is singing songs.  And he truly is not a big fan of music, so this is remarkable.  Typically when someone is singing around him he gets super embarrassed and flips out.  He is making huge steps in the self confidence department.  Austin and Aubrey are anxiously awaiting for their Kindermusik classes to start this Fall.  I am nervously awaiting the start of my 1st official class that I am teaching at the end of August.

So I encourage all readers who have children to check out Kindermusik and find a class in your area.  You can always try a class for Free.  You will not be disappointed.

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