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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Jumping on the Stitch Fix Bandwagon

I keep hearing and reading about how amazing Stitch Fix is and I was intrigued.  As a SAHM I lack style and time to shop for myself.  My shopping excursions are something like this, drive to store, drag the stroller, unload baby and 1 or 2 young children.  Once inside the store, after dodging a child nearly being hit by a car on the way in, we venture to the mom section.  I scan the available items with my eyes and grab a few things.  Oh wait now I have lost a child who is playing hide and seek in the racks.  We meander over to the dressing room.  After locking the children and myself in the largest dressing room I remove my clothes to try some things on.  The baby sees that mom has now exposed herself and well what do you know - it is time to eat - and NOW!  So we take a break to have a snack.  After snack time, I resume trying on clothes - most of the time I find not one thing fits nicely.  So after spending an obnoxious amount of time in the dressing room we emerge and I toss everything into the pile for a lovely store employee to put back for me.  I am usually completely exhausted by this point in time and we promptly exit the store and return home where I still have "nothing to wear".

I actually do have clothes - plenty of them.  Sadly mothering has done a number on my body and well things just don't look the same as they used to.  

All of the above led me to be very interested in Stitch Fix.  For those who might not know about Stitch Fix, here is the quick version of what it is and how it works.  You sign up via their website and fill out a pretty lengthy profile describing your size, likes, dislikes, and budget.  Choose a date to receive your "fix" and check out.  Up front you pay a $20 styling fee.  Your "stylist" reviews your profile and then chooses 5 items (tops/pants/accessories), puts them in a box and ships it out to you.  Once you receive your box, you try your items on, choose what you want and don't want.  Pay for and keep the items you want and return the ones you don't want.  Oh and that $20 styling fee goes towards your purchase - great bonus!  You send back your returns in the envelope provided - free of charge - another great bonus! 

After the excitement wears off - and my kiddos were all occupied.  I jumped in the shower, did my hair and make up.  See I knew that if I looked frumpy that it wouldn't matter how amazing the clothes were, I wouldn't like them.  After I got all gussied up.  I cautiously opened the box.

Eek!  I was soo excited.  Literally this was an exciting experience - clothes picked out just for me, already in my size, for my personality, style, and I didn't have to do ANYTHING!  

So here is what my stylist picked for me.  2 tops, 2 cardigans and 1 pair of jeans.  I had specifically asked my stylist to send me a pair of amazing jeans.  I am on the hunt for the perfect pair for my mom body.  

Here are the jeans.  They were amazingly soft and fit great everywhere - except I am about 4 inches too short for them.  They did work with boots but overall I didn't feel I should spend $78 on a pair of jeans that don't actually fit me.  So they were sent back - sadly.  I did search all over the internet for this brand and style of jeans in a petite version.  No luck :(  

Also in this picture is a super cute leopard print cardigan.  It was really adorable.  I was shocked at how much I liked it.  In the end, I chose to send this one back - only because I tend to not wear leopard print.  And in my Stitch Fix experience I wanted to buy items I would actually wear often.  Not a piece to hang in my closet where it looks pretty but is never worn.

This cardigan was my FAVORITE!  I loved everything about it.  It is soft, fit and length were perfect.  Ahh, I really love it.  This is a keeper!

Here is a dolman top.  I initially really liked it.  The color was cute and I thought it looked nice.  Adam informed me that I looked like a bat with the dolman sleeve.  So this piece did not get his approval - and so it went back.

My last item was this top.  It was nice and comfortable.  It could be dressed up or dressed down.  There was just something strange about it when I moved my arms that I didn't love.  So it also went back.

One great thing about Stitch Fix is the style card that is sent with your items.  This helps give you ideas of how to style each item.  I did love how my entire box was meant to be mixed and matched.  Had I kept the entire box, I would have gained lots of new options for outfits.  

Overall I enjoyed my first Stitch Fix.  Even though I only kept one item from my box, I was still impressed.  From what I understand the longer you receive Stitch Fix boxes, the better your stylist gets at choosing items specifically for you.  I plan to get another Stitch Fix box in the next few weeks.  I again have asked for jeans - perhaps this time in the petite version.

There you have it - my first Stitch Fix.  I do recommend everyone try it out - even just once.  It is fun to get a box of clothes someone has chosen for you.  Who wouldn't love that!  And if you feel so inclined here is my referral link -
When you sign up through my referral link you and I will receive perks for money off our next Stitch Fixes.


  1. I am very short and find it extremely hard to find jeans that I love and are the right length. To me, it's worth it to pay a few extra dollars to have them hemmed if I otherwise love them.

    1. I completely agree! It is so worth it to pay a higher price for jeans that fit great. If my next pair of jeans in my box don't work out I plan to request this pair again and just have them hemmed.