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My family
My Family

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Reviving My Old Blog!

Well it has been approximately a year and a half since my last blog post.  Things have been just a tad on the hectic side of life.  For my faithful - and not so faithful readers, I decided it is time to bring this old thing back to life.  There are a few different topics I want to blog about and keep telling myself to sit down and do it.  So here I am.

So what have I been up to since August 2014 (my last blog post).

My baby sister got married!

Austin turned 5 & 6 - Seriously how did that happen?  He also started Kindergarten - WHAT?!?

Aubrey turned 4.  She had her first dance recital - she was great!

Oh and this happened....

Allison Mae was born August 3, 2015.  She is kind of a big deal!  And we can say part of the blame for why I have left this blog out in cyber world alone for so long.  Pregnant is hard work.  Having a new baby is hard work.

We also had some medical mishaps.  Adam celebrated Allie being 1 month old by having massive knee surgery.  He was on crutches for a month.  Let's just say I am not cut out to be a nurse.  Ugh, so glad that trial is over :)

December brought our family's first broken bone.  Some playing around with her brother landed her in a cast for 3 weeks.  The story initially was that she fell down on the wooden blocks.  After the ER trip and x-rays we found out Austin in fact, pushed her down.  Result was a buckle fracture in the wrist.

And I think that sums up some main points in my life for the past year and a half.  I am super excited for my next blog post.  My review of my first Stitch Fix!  Stay tuned for that!


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