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My family
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Monday, August 22, 2011

1 Month Old

Miss Aubrey is 1 month old (and 2 days, Mom is a little behind on blogging)

Stats:  Weight - She was 8lbs 1oz last Monday, tomorrow she has another doctor appointment, so my guess is about 8lbs 7oz (2lbs larger than birth)
Length - Will update tomorrow after her appt.  Guess is 22 inches (1 inch longer than birth)
Sleep - She wakes 2-3 times each night
Austin enjoys giving her a pacifier (to make her stop crying).  He has given her the occasional kiss on the head.  Every day he is getting more brave with her.
Sizes - As of this past week, she does not fit into newborn size sleepers.  0-3 month sleepers are a little big still.  She is still wearing newborn size diapers. 
Medical milestones - Aubrey had an umbilical granuloma that we discovered once her umbilical cord fell off.  Last Monday she had a treatment of silver nitrate to take care of the granuloma.  Her belly button still looks funny, but who cares...I do not foresee a bikini in her near future.
Developmental milestones - She can hold her head up - a much needed skill for life.  (Austin had rolled over by 1 month old, so maybe, just maybe she will be less busy and on the go than him)

She was less than impressed with my desire to take her picture capturing her size at 1 month old.

Attempt at a close up, again she was not happy with me.

And some 1 month photos of Austin for comparison.  If she wasn't crying in the above pictures they actually do look pretty similar.

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