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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Mama Loves

I am joining in my fellow momma blogging friend Julia in her Saturday "Mama Loves".  I have a few I want to share with readers today.

1.  Austin's favorite book is a family photo album.  I have filled the pages full of pictures of Austin with us.  One of his favorite activities is to flip through his book and point at us in the pictures.  I made this album for him shortly after we became aware of his speech delay.  My hope was he would begin saying "mom" or some form of my name by seeing my picture.  So far no luck...but he does love pointing at me.

2.  My second item I want to share is the Chicco hook on high chair.
Last summer I discovered this nifty chair.  I absolutely hated going into restaurants and using their germ infested high chairs.  I always took along a high chair cover, but unfortunately a simple piece of material cannot protect you from everything.  I quickly learned that while the staff "might" wipe down the high chairs in between uses, the straps probably go neglected for the entire life of the high chair.  Another great reason for this chair is that every place you go with your baby might not have high chairs available for your use.  This happened to us at a wedding reception.   I found our Chicco hook on chair at a local children's retail shop for $16 - one of the best purchases I have made in the baby item department.  Adam was not convinced that this item was a "need" simply a want.  He quickly changed his mind after the 1st use.  I love that I can wash the seat after each use and not use the community high chairs when we are out.  I am sad that Austin has outgrown this chair, but I am looking into portable booster seats.  I will keep you updated on what we get.

3.  My 3rd "Mama Love" I do not have yet.  But I am positive it will make my life easier.  Currently I carry a Vera Bradley diaper bag.  This bag simply hangs over my shoulder.  I love this bag!  It is huge and fits everything I need.  When I was pregnant with Aubrey I thought that it might be easier to have a diaper bag that I could wear on my back with backpack straps.  Being hands free was a feature that I thought would be helpful with two children to keep hands on.  I have looked at backpack diaper bags and just haven't been able to commit.  It seems silly to buy a new diaper bag when I currently have one that will do the same job.
Twice this week I took both children out - alone.  This "want" of a backpack diaper bag is definitely a "need".  Poor Austin got knocked out by my massive shoulder bag numerous times.  I barely fit through doors with Austin holding my one hand, diaper bag on shoulder, Aubrey in car seat on other arm - but wait how did I even open the door in the first place.
So I am in the market for a new diaper bag to wear on my back.  I am looking for recommendations, please let me know if you have one.

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  1. The hook-on high-chair sounds like a great thing to have on hand! I've seen them online but wasn't sure how they would work - so I am glad to know that it's so useful!!

    Love that Austin points to you in the photo album - so sweet!

  2. I have two backpack diapers bags---the only way to go with multiples, in my mind (you sort of have mulitples with a toddler and a baby with regars to the amount of stuff you have to take everywhere). The Baby Bjorn one we have is my favorite. It was voted one of the best diaper bags for multiples.

    I have another one that's fancy, and expensive, but I love the Baby Bjorn one SO much more! Definintely worth it! Hope that helps you. Thanks so much for linking up, Affton!

  3. Hi! Popping over from Julia's...

    I LOVE the family photo album and I've thought about making an ABC family photo album for my twin preschoolers for Christmas to help introduce letter. After reading your post, this is going on the Christmas to-do list! Thanks for sharing!

    Oh...and we so LOVED our Chicco Hook Ons. Was a definitely must for us when dining out!

  4. We have a simple Columbia diaper bag that we got at BRU. I'm a fan if we're out more than 3+ hours... but I use a small shoulder bag if we're only going to be out a little bit filled with snacks and water and other supplies (and keep the bulky cloth diapers in the car just in case).