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My family
My Family

Thursday, May 19, 2011

30 Weeks

I am now 30 weeks pregnant with our little girl.  I am amazed at how quickly this pregnancy has progressed.  By this point with Austin, the nursery was completely set up and I was just waiting patiently for our baby's arrival.  This time around is totally different.  I am starting to get things together for our new addition.

Today and tomorrow I will paint the bedroom.  Austin and his sister will be sharing a room.  This may be a great thing or it may be a horrible mess.  Time will only tell.  The baby will sleep in our bedroom for a while, breastfeeding will be convenient with her there.  And, we won't bother Austin during night time feeds.  I hope they enjoy sharing a room.  I have read that having the new baby share a room with your toddler can actually help your toddler sleep better - could I only be so lucky.  The theory is that the toddler "likes" having a buddy in their room and therefore can sleep more soundly.  Regardless, I desire for my children to be close and pray that them sharing a room will foster the sibling love I have envisioned.

I have been getting questioned lately on my belly stats, so for the inquiring minds...
Total weight gain as of today - 15lbs
Swelling is non-existent!  (I blew up like a balloon when I was pregnant with Austin, so this will most likely change as the heat of summer approaches)
Amniotic fluid level is normal!  (Hopefully this stays normal, since Austin had no fluid by birth, this is a concern)
C-section is scheduled for 7:30 am on Wednesday, July 20.

I am going to try to remember to take a picture of myself this week to compare with a picture of Austin at 30 weeks.  I have pictures of my belly almost weekly with Austin's pregnancy, this time I haven't been as dedicated.

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