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Monday, May 30, 2011

Cloth Wipes

I finally did it.  I have been wanting to try out cloth wipes for months now and I finally took the plunge.  And...I LOVE them!

The last couple weeks, Austin has been battling "unexplained toddler tummy issues".  These issues left my poor toddler's bum a tearful mess.  Diaper changes became a dreaded event - for momma and Austin.  So I loaded him up and off we went to purchase cloth wipes.

I am happy to report that cloth wipes are incredibly soft on Austin's delicate skin.  His diaper rash cleared remarkably fast once we stopped the use of commercial wipes.  We still have not remedied the "unexplained toddler tummy problems" - but we are working on that issue.

Since I ran out in desperation, I did not purchase all the necessary supplies to adequately use cloth wipes.  I simply bought 2 packages of cloth wipes.  For now I am mixing a solution of water with a few drops of baby wash.  I submerged the wipe in the solution, squeeze the majority of the water out of the wipe, fold, and place in an old wipe container.  Ideally, I will have a wipe warmer to store the prepared wipes in until ready for use.  I only prepare enough wipes for one day, so I do not have to worry about any mildew or mold development.  Once I have used a wipe, I just toss it in the laundry bag along with the cloth diaper for washing.  Everything gets washed all together - easy.

I am estimating that by switching to cloth wipes, we will save approximately $5-10 per week.  Yes, we would go through almost an entire 216 count refill pack weekly.  We are also doing our part to help the environment by keeping (our 200+ weekly) wipes out of the landfill.  I am not increasing our laundry water/detergent usage since the wipes get washed in the same load as the cloth diapers.  Most importantly diaper changes are no longer a screaming, tear-filled event at our house.

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