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My family
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Thursday, May 26, 2011


When I was pregnant with Austin, I received many unwelcome comments regarding my size.  As if I was not aware that I was HUGE.  Yes, I admit I gained 48lbs during my 40 week journey of gestating my baby boy.  This is far more than the recommended...average 25-30lbs that I had read in pregnancy books.  But, as long as the baby and I were healthy, nothing else mattered.

This pregnancy I am again receiving comments about my belly.  However, this time they are kinder words..."Wow, you are so small for being due in July".  I appreciate the compliments, I really do.  But when they are immediately followed with..."You were soooo much bigger with Austin".  Gee thanks.

I was curious how I was comparing so I uploaded photos and explored picnik - I have only experimented a couple of times there.  Here are the results.

What do you think?
My opinion is yes, clearly I was larger with Austin than I am now.  But, I do believe I am actually carrying higher??  Or lower??  I have never been able to tell the difference with that one.

At one of my showers with Austin, the dreaded "guess how big momma is" game was played.  My Granny perfectly snipped her piece of yarn to my exact dimensions.  I was then 34 weeks along.  In 3 more weeks, I will pull that piece of yarn out and see where I am sizing up.  

Fun and interesting to see how differently my body is changing to care for this baby versus Austin.

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