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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Cloth Diapering

Approximately two years ago I was a couple months pregnant with Austin.  I was very anxious to prepare my "nest".  I would spend hours researching topics pertaining to mothering, feeding, and diapering.  Prior to pregnancy I assumed my children would use disposable diapers.  However, when I came across information regarding cloth diapers - I was intrigued.  From my research I developed a pro/con list comparing disposable diapers to cloth.

Better for the environment
Gentler on baby's bottom - less likely to develop diaper rash
Possible early potty training
Saves money (long term)
Fashionable (even little boys look cute in their blue fluffy diapers)

Expensive start up costs (at least $10 per diaper) would need at least 12
Added laundry - would need washed every other day (sometimes daily)
Slightly gross and stinky (but this would be the case with disposable diapers too)

After much reading I was convinced that cloth diapering was something I was interested in and wanted to give a try.  Two tasks remained at hand 1)convince Adam we should be a cloth diapering family 2)decide which kind of cloth diaper system we would use

Adam is an engineer so he is very logical in his thinking.  So I knew if I could introduce the topic of cloth diapers to him in a way that seemed more logical than using regular old disposable, he would be on board.  I found a website similar to this one breaking down the cost of using cloth diapers vs disposable.  He also ran some numbers and decided that in his opinion it costs about the same to cloth diaper 1 child vs disposable.  However, once a 2nd child was then using the same cloth diapers, the numbers would greatly change and it is a great savings to use cloth.

When Austin was a couple months old, I decided we were ready to jump into this world of cloth diapering.  I had purchased some gently used Bum Genius All in ones (meaning no stuffing an insert would be required) and a couple Bum Genius pockets (you must stuff an insert into the back pocket to use the diaper).  After just the 1st day using cloth I was thrilled and eager to continue.  I was excited to build a big stash of cloth diapers for Austin to use.

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