My family

My family
My Family

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Hard days

Some days my job of being a mother is just HARD.  Today is one of these days.

We start our day with errands to run - Austin was a good boy during these errands, so I was a happy Momma.  Unfortunately, we didn't arrive home fast enough and Austin fell asleep in the car.  I attempted to carry him while in dreamland from the car to his bed - FAIL.  He woke just as I was creeping out of his bedroom.  So, we rock...and rock...He is AWAKE!

Okay, fine lets have lunch.  But first I must retrieve the groceries from the car before our milk gets warm.  Fast forward 30 minutes, lunch was yummy and Austin has sleepy eyes.  Off we go to begin our nap time routine...FAIL AGAIN

Okay, Austin will just play for another hour or so and then we will have a late afternoon nap.  (I say we because at this point, I am feeling that I might also need a nap). 

It has only been 2 hours since the entire nap time ordeal began and I have resorted to trapping Austin in his pack-n-play to force a nap upon him.  As I type, I hear that he is obviously not sleeping but nonetheless resting quietly in his room.  I am exhausted - naps really should not be this difficult.  I really should rest, according to the news, it might be a long night of storms. 

I will remember Austin's fight to nap when he is a teenager and only wants to sleep.  I know this stage is temporary...

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