My family

My family
My Family

Friday, July 29, 2011

# 4 is Here

It has been a while since I have last blogged.  I have been a busy momma and am proud to introduce to my blog readers.


Wednesday, July 20 I woke at 3am to shower and get ready to HAVE A BABY.  By 4:30am Adam and I were headed to the hospital to meet our daughter.  We arrived promptly at 5:30am at Missouri Baptist Medical Center, 3rd floor - labor and delivery.  We were escorted to a c-section prep and recovery room.  My two nurses immediately began sticking me with needles and hooking me up to all sorts of medical monitoring machines.  At 6:00am, my nurse instructed Adam to head down to the cafeteria to eat some breakfast.  At that time, I was pretty tired from the events that had already occurred, so I closed my eyes and took a little nap.

When Adam returned it was close to 6:30am and it was time to start meeting with the anesthesiologist, assisting surgeon, and meet my actual nurse that would be staying with me in the operating room.  Dr. Weinstein, my OB came in around 7:00am to say "HI".  The last hour before surgery was very busy which made the time go by very fast.  So fast that I asked to use the restroom, thinking I would be climbing back into the hospital bed afterwards.  When I opened the ladies room door, everyone was standing waiting for me to head in to the OR. 

Without a moment to collect my thoughts, we were on our way.  Leaving behind a family of 3 to come out those doors as a family of 4.  Adam sat in a reserved area while I was further prepped for surgery.  The room was very cold - I immediately began shivering.  I begged the anesthesiologist to wait to insert my spinal until I adjusted to the temperature and was no longer shaking.  My nurse covered me with warm blankets and the anesthesiologist got to work.  Within seconds, I was assisted to lay down.  Dr. Weinstein came in and soon a big blue curtain came between my face and body.  Adam was brought in and we waited. 

I entered the operating room at 7:26 and at 7:50 Aubrey Gabrielle Walden was born.  She cried instantly - the greatest sound a mom can hear while laying helpless on an operating table.  She weighed 6 pounds and 7 ounces.  She was 21 inches long.  

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