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My family
My Family

Friday, July 15, 2011

Could today be the day?

One topic that every woman hears about when she is pregnant are "Old Wives Tales".  These age old statements can "tell" you the sex of your baby and how to induce labor.  One fact that is not quite an "Old Wives Tale" but rather just statistics is there is an influx in deliveries during a full moon.  Many hospitals report that you can tell when there is a full moon simply by the number of women delivering.  Apparently the full moon creates some type of gravitational force that just "pulls those babies out".

So today July 15, 2011 is a full moon - as of 8am, I am going to say I will not be joining the hundreds of women who will be having a baby today due to the full moon.

Reasons why today would not make a good day to have a baby:
1) Adam has been awake since 4am and working outside in this heat since 5am
2) I have been awake since 5:30am
3) Austin has been awake since 5:45am

Our family will be too tired to have a baby today.

...maybe tomorrow...

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