My family

My family
My Family

Sunday, July 10, 2011

And the Adventure continues...

It was inevitable, I knew it would happen eventually.  This happens to all parents at some point in their journey of parenting.

Tonight I was in the kitchen, Adam was outside, and Austin was playing in the living room.  When I finished loading our dishes into the dishwasher, I joined Austin to play before bedtime.  As I rounded the corner, I notice my son sitting on the chair - good boy (he has only been told thousands of times to sit on the furniture, rather than stand).  As I continued walking towards him, I discover he has removed his diaper and it is laying in the middle of the room - full of POOP!  WOW!  I have no words, I stood in shock of the image appearing in my eyes.  I began yelling for Adam to come assist.  This would not be a job that one parent can tackle alone.  As Adam is rushing to see the commotion, I lift Austin off the chair.  I then notice pee all over the chair and even a puddle on the floor - can this situation get any better...Yes, unfortunately since the diaper contained a BM, the chair was used as a "wipe" - awesome.

Dad rushed Austin off to the bathtub and I drew the straw of cleaning up the mess.  I laughed as I cleaned my son's bodily fluids and restored our furniture to sanitary condition.  In these types of situations, your only rational reaction is to laugh and record the event in the baby book. 

On a lighter note, I am pleased to report that no artwork was found.  Although I am fearful that one day I will find a beautiful scene drawn with a wonderful shade of brown.

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  1. Oh my! I do wish he had decided to skip this right of passage. James was very *ahem* talented in this respect and did result in having to call in professional carpet cleaners for the basement at one point. I wish I had some advice to survive it but I hope it's just a one time deal. If it's not, just remember -- laugh laugh laugh :-) It's way better than crying.