My family

My family
My Family

Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Waiting Game

At 37 weeks pregnant I am vulnerable to the events of labor - which could occur at anytime now.  I am anxious to have our baby girl, just so I don't feel so consumed with the fear that my water will break.  What exactly would I do if I was out and about with Austin and she decided to bust free?  I would panic!  How embarrassing would it be to be stranded with a toddler in a pool of amniotic fluid.  My blood pressure rises just to think of these events happening.

I did have an ultrasound this past Thursday and baby girl - yes, she is definitely still a girl, is doing perfect.  She has a good amount of amniotic fluid in there with her.  So, hopefully she will not have a NICU stay like her brother.  The ultrasound was wonderful.  It has been hard since seeing her on the screen, knowing that I am just waiting to have her in my arms.  She looks like she might have chubby cheeks - YES!!  I can't wait to kiss them.  She was "breathing" throughout the sonogram - which signifies good lung development.  At one point, she stuck her tongue out - adorable.  I am extremely excited about this because Austin was tongue tied and could not stick his tongue out.  So again, hopefully she is not like her brother and her tongue is free - which will make breastfeeding a lot easier.

We are all ready to have her here.  Just waiting for her to decide my belly is no longer a nice place to stay.  So, hurry up baby girl, momma is getting impatient.

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