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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Strange baby products

While I was pregnant with Austin I came across this article of bazaar baby products.  I laughed at most of them and forgot the products existed.  Yesterday I ran across this article 20 of the Weirdest Baby Products.  My memory recalled reading about these products but I re-read just for an enjoyable read.  I quickly realized that now as a parent some of these products aren't near as bad as I originally (pre-baby) thought.

1.  Pee-pee teepee - With a boy you MUST keep this body part covered during changes.  In the early months, they cannot control themselves when cold air hits their bottom.
2.  Helmet - While it does look ridiculous, I am a fan.  Austin has hit his head too many times to count and this product would protect his delicate skin from injury.

3.  Nasal Aspirator  - I have actually read claims that this product really works.  I will just stick with the regular ol blue bulb syringe.  To me the baby will hate any aspirator being stuck up their nose regardless if their mom is sucking the boogies out.  And, the girl in the photo looks a little old to need to be aspirated.
4.  Potty Mitts - I think this product is genius and will be purchasing them when Austin reaches the potty training stage of his development.

5.  Baby knee pads - Poor Austin learned to crawl when he was 6 months old - it was summer.  He wore shorts and his knees were constantly red and bruised.  I was very tempted to buy him a pair of Babylegs. But for fear that his dad would announce they were "girly" I resisted.  But these knee pads are much more "boyish" if they came in maybe blue and green.

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