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My family
My Family

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Special Thanks

I want thank Julia at Pontifications of a Twin Mom for awarding me the Stylist Blogger Award
Julia, I feel so special that you chose me for this award - Thank you.  I am thankful for our friendship and to have someone who is going through similar experiences as me in this journey of raising babies.  I enjoy reading about Brynne and Hadley's adventures and can't wait to have play dates in the future when all of our nap times coincide.

Julia and her friend Melissa are currently blogging a series of conversations about True Beauty.  These posts are wonderfully inspirational that women everywhere should read.

As part of the award, I am supposed to list seven things about myself.  I am choosing to share just random facts about me.
1.  I enjoy having a unique name - although, I get frustrated when it is spelled incorrectly.
2.  I own 2 dance studios in Southern Illinois and have since I was 18 years old.
3.  I have been involved in 6 car accidents in my life...possibly more that I have forgotten - none of which were my fault.
4.  My freshman year of high school I was involved in a horrible car accident that took the life of one of my sister's dear friends and left me with a broken collar bone.
5.  My older sister Amanda and I were married 1 month apart and then 3 years later had babies 1 week apart.
6.  One month before my wedding I learned that I had a small tumor on my pituitary gland that "could" hinder my abilities to conceive a child.
7.  After 4 years of marriage, I am still completely, ridiculously in love with my husband - I still feel we are newlyweds and am blessed to spend each day with him.

And I would like to pass on this award to:

Katie at Jake and Katies Story.  I have known Katie for several years.  She is enjoying newlywed life and reminds me of my younger days.

Gina at Losing it.  Gina is on a weight loss journey and is looking fantastic!  She is an encouragement to anyone who also is wanting to change their life to be healthier for their kids.

My sister Amanda at For Every Girl Like Me.  I love reading about my neice Brynleigh's daily life.

Thank you again Julia for this award.  I do apologize for me taking several weeks to respond.  I never realized that finding time to blog is half the battle.


  1. Ah! Thanks for the shout-out :) I learned a lot about you in those 7 facts, too. I don't think I knew most of that stuff!

  2. You never need to apologize for not getting to something right away with me. I get it---you're a mama, time is precious! We're all just doing the best we can :)

    Six car accidents, oh my goodness! I had no idea.

    Finding time to blog is definintely half the battle! You're doing a great job, Mama!