My family

My family
My Family

Monday, June 27, 2011

Latest update on Austin's allergies

This post is just a follow up for those who have been following Austin's food allergy battles.

Since the watermelon reaction, we have witnessed reactions to banana and blueberries.  The combination of all of these reactions seem to point towards ragweed pollen - according to my research.

Last Thursday, Austin had an 18 month well check with his pediatrician.  She ordered blood allergy testing to rule out allergy to these actual fruits, she also felt Austin is not truly allergic to the fruits.  Austin is also having blood testing done for celiac's disease.  He does not exhibit every symptom indicating celiac's but enough that it is worthy of testing.  Since all of these tests can be done with a single stick, I am okay with the testing.  We just want answers so we know what to feed and what not to feed our little boy.

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