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My family
My Family

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Week of Discovery

Apparently 18 months old is the age of discovery.  While I am extremely excited to discover the world with Austin - his latest two discoveries have me concerned.

Yesterday morning as we were headed out I spotted a worm on the path.  I promptly stopped and pointed to show Austin the worm - his first real life experience with one of these creatures.  He of course began pointing copying my actions.  He squatted down inches away from the worm pointing and saying I am sure "worm" in his little language.  In an instant he stood straight up, lifted his left foot, and squashed the worm with one big stomp.  This action was then followed with his eyes looking up at me in wonder as to where the worm had gone. 

This morning after he woke at 6am sharp.  (I woke at 4:30am but that is besides the point)  We sat on the couch reading some books - a favorite activity in our house.  I was reading him his favorite book "Colors" which consists of 5 simple pages containing merely 30 words....for the seventh time in a row.  Suddenly I notice he is playing with something in his fingers - something small.  As any mother does when their toddler has a small object, I immediately sprung into action - what is that, give it to mommy (before you swallow it).  To my horror it was a HUGE  bugger - GROSS!  (Austin has been slightly affected with outdoor allergies the last few days)  After I dispose of the bugger and disinfect Austin and myself - we begin reading again.  I quickly notice he is picking his nose - yes digging for more of those oh soo fun buggers.

Boys are just sooo much fun.  I do fear what his next discovery will be....

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