My family

My family
My Family

Monday, June 27, 2011

Somewhere between 9 and 22

I am in the final stretch of pregnancy - just 1 day shy of 36 weeks right now.  Insomnia has officially set in and I am sleeping just hours each night.  In my opinion, God is just getting me used to little sleep now so I am not a zombie after she is born.

I have an ultrasound scheduled for July 7 to check amniotic fluid levels.  Since Austin was a "dry birth" we want to be on top of this and make sure the same scenario does not occur with his sister.  My doctor informed me last week to have my bag in the car "just in case".  If baby girl's fluid levels are low, I guess she will be born on 7/7/11.  Which would be completely crazy due to the double digit birthday's my family has going...Adam 4/4, Austin 12/12, and me 8/8.  So needless to say, I am in quite a panic that I could actually have a baby in 9 days. 

But, if all is well with her fluid levels, she will most likely be born on July 20.  That is unless she would decide another date sounds like a good birthday.  We are not really ready to have her here yet.  I don't think I will be ready at any point for her arrival...much different than with my first. 

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