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My family
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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Is it just me??

For Austin's entire life he has never been the greatest nap taker.  The two of us have an ongoing daily battle of taking naps.  He has come a long way in this area - at least most days he does nap for at least an hour.  I always look at the 1 hour as a success, when secretly I long for 2-3 hours of naptime. 

Several of my mommy friends inform me that their children nap for these great stretches of time.  And, I hear of how much they accomplish (laundry, dishes, mopping the floors, etc.) during this peaceful time. 

In my struggles for 18 months to get Austin to take a long nap, I have come the realization that he just doesn't take good naps.  It is just part of how he is and what makes him unique.  I love him the same regardless the length of sleep he gets during the day.  Although, I will admit, he is soo much more fun after a 2 hour nap versus a 1 hour nap.

The past several months Austin has consistently taken a 1.5 hour nap.  Unless he is visiting his Nana or Aunt Stacy.  On those days he chooses to sleep for approximately 3 hours...some days more.  I don't understand this.  He wasn't even in his own bed during these amazing naps. 

Yesterday, Austin had a traumatizing day with a lab visit to have blood drawn.  He fell asleep in the car for 20 minutes in the morning and did not nap the rest of the day.  Today I am determined to help Austin achieve a better nap.  I hung black towels in his windows behind his curtains - this made his room look soo much darker.  I am doing NOTHING during his nap to keep the house quiet for him. 

So far we are 1 hour into his nap and he is still asleep.  I am curious to see if the darker room and quiet house provide a longer nap.  Although I will not be able to continue the quiet house for much longer, I doubt his sister will understand that she can't cry while her brother naps.

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