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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Watermelon - really??

Tonight's blog is dedicated to Austin's continuing saga of food allergies.

Sunday evening Austin was being an especially picky eater - refusing his entire dinner.  We took a walk and shortly after we arrived back at home, I offered him some fresh watermelon.  He thoroughly enjoyed it!  After he consumed a small bowl full, I cleaned him up - watermelon juices dripping down his chin, neck, and chest.  Immediately when washing his face, I notice a RASH. 

I quickly ran with Austin outside to show Adam my findings.  He confirmed that yes, indeed Austin was breaking out and we needed to give him a dose of benadryl.  While waiting for the drug to kick in and stop the reaction, Adam "googled" watermelon allergic reactions.  As he read the symptoms, Austin was exhibiting them - red rash on face and neck.  Itchy throat (he was scratching at his neck). 

At this time I decided to call the after hours nurse line for our pediatrician.  The nurse and I discussed his symptoms and she felt he needed to be seen at the ER.  By the time she reached this conclusion, an hour had passed and the benadryl had completely cleared up Austin's symptoms.  Adam and I decided that going to the ER with our now perfectly healthy toddler (at 8:30pm - way past bedtime) would only result in a completely crabby little boy and an expensive diagnosis of watermelon allergy.  So we put him to bed and observed him throughout the evening to make sure he was okay.

Monday morning I talked to his pediatrician who believed that yes, Austin did have an allergic reaction.  But, it could be to the watermelon itself or ragweed pollen (which is absorbed into slow growing fruits and berries).  She added this incident to his every expanding chart and thought it was best to inform his allergist to gather further information.

I contacted Austin's allergist and they decided they wanted him to come in to be seen - Tuesday.  So yesterday we loaded up in the downpour and headed to Children's for the appointment.  Austin already had a follow up appointment scheduled for July 5, so they were just going to combine that appointment so we wouldn't need to come back. 

In a nutshell, this appointment was POINTLESS.  The allergist dismissed the reaction to the watermelon as a "contact reaction" not an allergic response.  He then informed me to "not give it to him again".  WHAT?!?!  So, he isn't allergic but don't feed it to him anyways.  This is fruit we are talking about not candy.  He also informed me to "be careful when feeding him other melons".  WHAT!?!? 

I also discussed with the doctor Austin's 6 week battle with tummy problems.  He did not feel this was an allergy related issue either.  Although my reading has suggested that consistent GI problems are related to what you are eating and allergy or intolerance to certain foods.  We discussed that Austin is allergic to eggs and peanuts (old news - been dealing with these two since October).  He did not believe it was necessary to run any further blood allergy or skin panel tests to further examine Austin's allergies.  I scheduled Austin's 6 month follow up and out the door we went.

I left the appointment more frustrated than before.  I am confused at how the pediatrician believes he had an allergic reaction but the allergist does not.  And according to Dr. Google, Austin's symptoms fit the bill to a T.  I am also becoming more and more frustrated with his daily BM's.  Possibly because I am the lucky one who gets the pleasure of changing him 4 times in an hour - or 15 times a day.  Is it seriously normal for toddlers to poo 12 times per day?  I am at war with diaper rash that makes me cry when wiping his poor bottom.

I know I am 34 weeks pregnant and completely hormonal but this momma is ready for some answers.  It is a terrifying feeling to be scared to feed your child.  To constantly be sure an epi pen is nearby in the event you must stab your child's leg to save their life.

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  1. I'm so sorry you had to go through this. I can't believe the allergist said that he wasn't allergic, that's strange! and no it's not normal for anyone to have 12 BMs in a day.. something is up and I hope you figure it out, definitely not something you want to deal with while being so pregnant.