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My family
My Family

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Inherited Traits

During my pregnancy with Austin, I often would think about the baby would be like.  But, my thoughts were simple --is it a boy or a girl??  Since we opted to be "weird" and wait until the baby's birth to find out the sex, this was a question that ran through my head daily for 40 weeks and 3 days (not that I was counting).

This pregnancy we decided to see what it is like to find out the gender of the baby during the anatomy scan at 19 weeks.  Upon discovering that I was carrying a baby girl my mind began to fill with thoughts.  She will have hair that I will need to learn how to fix (braid, pony tail, pig tails, half up/half down, curly, straight, clips, bows, headbands, etc.). 

In recent days I have been wondering how similar she will look to Austin.  They do have the same genetic make up, but how will different genders display the results.  I was told from the day Austin was born that he looked just like his dad.  It took me a while to make this association too.  But, they do indeed look a lot alike.  (If I knew how to add a photo mid blog, I would do a comparison photo of the two here, but since I am still learning, no picture, sorry).

Austin has inherited a majority of traits from Adam - the good ones, blonde hair, adorable eyes...and the bad ones, itchy skin, the Walden legs.  Now that Austin is a toddler and his personality is really beginning to shine, I am eager to announce, YES - I did contribute my traits to him as well!  Austin is beginning to show he is quite shy in large groups - just like his Momma.  Last night this trait was brought to my attention.  We hosted a Bible study at our house with just two other families present (6 adults, 2 children, 3 toddlers).  As the evening wore on, Austin began his signs for tiredness.  So I excused myself and set off to begin our bedtime routine.  Usually, Austin will fall asleep in his bed after we do our routine.  Last night was a little different.  He simply laid in his bed, quietly playing until our house was empty of guests (about an hour later).  I think he just wanted to be alone and knew that in his room he could be alone.

I am curious how Austin's personality will continue to develop into the little person he is.  I am anxious to see what his sister looks like.  It would be nice for her to look slightly like me since I am the one who shares my body for 9 months. 

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