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Thursday, April 21, 2011

32 Things 'Worse' Than Seeing a Baby Breastfed in Public

I ran across this article tonight while browsing the internet.  I have endured the "stare" while feeding Austin in random locations during his 13 month nursing period.  I enjoyed the list and wanted to share.

32 Things 'Worse" Than Seeing a Baby Breastfed in Public

  1. Not covering a sneeze or cough.
  2. Leaving your grocery cart in the parking lot so it can damage people's cars.
  3. Talking loudly on a cellphone in public.
  4. Smoking on a sidewalk where others are trying to walk.
  5. Cussing in public, including blaring R-rated music from your car.
  6. Not picking up dog poop.
  7. Honking at people who don't go the second the light turns green.
  8. Littering.
  9. Texting while walking is funny when we see you crash, but not when it's into us or our children.
  10. Not washing your hands after using the bathroom.
  11. Jaywalking so cars have to slam on their brakes to avoid killing you.
  12. Not cleaning up after yourself in public bathrooms so other people have to see and deal with your bloody tampons or pee drippings.
  13. Texting while driving and risking the lives of everyone on the road with you.
  14. Leaving your grocery cart in the middle of the aisle so no one can get by.
  15. Letting your children run around and almost trip or run into strangers or waiters at restaurants.
  16. Bumping into or spilling water on others from your umbrella.
  17. Not making at least an effort to wipe your feet off before entering a building or someone's home.
  18. Spitting gum where other people step in it.
  19. Being rude to waiters so they're in a bad mood for their other tables.
  20. Leaving cold/frozen items you changed your mind about in the store on a random warm shelf so they have to be thrown away.
  21. Being loud in a movie theater.
  22. Getting drunk in public.
  23. Texting while in the middle of a conversation.
  24. Tying your dog right outside the door to a store.
  25. Driving fast through parking lots.
  26. Parking in the 'Expectant and New Moms' parking spaces when you are neither.
  27. Wearing very strong perfume or cologne so people around you gag and hold their breath.
  28. Changing a baby's diaper in the same area people are eating at a restaurant.
  29. Not wiping down exercise equipment after you sweat all over it.
  30. Yelling at a mother to "make her child shut up" -- if she could stop it, she would.
  31. Leaving dirty diapers in the parking lot or on a public changing table.
  32. Telling someone else how to care for their child in public.
ALL of these things actually affect you whether you want to avoid it or not ... yet a nursing mom only affects those who are against it if you stare. And heck, kids running around or a crying baby are on many lists of annoying things in public, but one that's being breastfed is quiet and still. Consider that.

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