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My family
My Family

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Dear Blog

A couple weeks ago when I started this blog, I was extremely motivated and eager to attack my new "project".  Unfortunately life as a wife, mother, and business owner gets hectic and I have neglected to carve time out of my schedule to devote to figuring out the world of blogging.

I would like to eventually put a photo of my family somewhere on this blog.  I just need to play around with the settings to figure out what to do.  When I was in high school, I did take classes to instruct and prepare me for a life with the computer.  Ten years ago my teacher thought that I would need to know how to build an amazing power point presentation.  Truth be told, I am not even sure my laptop even has this program. 

What are high school computer class students learning in 2011?  I wonder if they are learning how to create a blog.  Maybe I should contact Triad and see if I could sit in on a few classes. 

I reminisce about how far technology has come in my life.  I recall being 15 years old and being the proud owner of a bright yellow nokia cell phone.  This phone was only used to make phone calls to my parents in an emergency.  Today if I leave the house and forget my cell phone, this is an emergency.  

In high school I spent many nights on ICQ chat.  Then in college it was MSN Messenger and Myspace.  Now in my late 20's it is Facebook.  I do thoroughly enjoy reconnecting with old high school friends.  But at times I read status updates that I wish I could erase from my mind.  Some matters are private and the world does not need to know intimate details of your life or your whereabouts at every minute.  Nonetheless, Facebook has been a great tool to share photos of Austin with our family and friends who live far away.

I often wonder how advanced technology will be by the time my children are teenagers.  Will they laugh at the thought of facebook and twitter?  Or will these social networks stand the test of time?

I do feel technology is a great tool to make our lives easier.  But I also feel that technology has made my life more busy.  For example, at any time I can open up the computer to briefly check e-mail.  And suddenly it has been 30 minutes or even an hour or more.  Yesterday I made a decision to be more disciplined with myself regarding my internet usage.  My to do list is far to long for me to be wasting time wandering around in cyberspace.  Overall I think limiting my internet time will lead me to be happier and rest easier.  Today I was able to accomplish a great deal.  I was focused and motivated.  It feels great!


  1. I love this post! So very true and have often had some of the same feelings. I have had to limit myself to internet usage and my rule for me is that if Brynleigh is awake during the week then the computer is not on and pretty much kinda follow that on the weekends as well. So my internet time is usually between 8-10 while also watching some TV.

  2. So true! My hubby & I have talked about the same things... how we used to have emergency only cell phones and how much things have changed. I remember many nights back in high school sitting on ICQ listening to it go "uh oh" over and over, LOL!! These days though, Facebook is the ultimate way to keep in touch with family that lives all across the country, and that I otherwise wouldn't be on top of things enough to send them pictures regularly. Great post!

    PS - If you want to add pictures into the design of your blog, go into blogger --> Design --> Add a Gadget --> Then it should give you the option about 10 down on the list for "Picture"... from there you can search files on your computer to upload pictures into your blog design. You can move that add a gadget pretty much any where in the design of your page. Hope that helps! :)